Whole Court Attacking Challenge

category: Passing

Netball Whole court attacking challenge Passing Split group into 3 equal teams. Ideally 6 per team. 1 team is the attackers, 1 team are defenders, 1 ...

Full Netball Court

category: Extras

Half Netball Court Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Half Netball Court. Extras Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Extras. 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circl...

Triangle Offering- Pass And Drive

category: Movement

Netball Triangle Offering- Pass and Drive Movement Divide your group into three ... Through Court Play with at least two offers for every pass Drill ...

Through Court Backup Options

category: Decision-making

Netball Through Court Backup Options Decision making A game using the full court, 4 attackers, 4 defenders, 2 trailers. Split the court ... A game us...

Web Videos

Netball drills - the six point drill

This video is looking at "The Six Point Drill" for netball. This is a great team drill to develop through court flow and whole team connections. It's ...


Developing confident feeders!

Develop your players feeding in order to feed the ball accurately into the circle, whilst also improving their confidence.


Community Drills

Full court passing drill

Start at the end with the GK as if it was an out of course pass. Pass it diagonally up the court to GS. GS then shoots the ball at the end. Pract...