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Footwork Drills

The footwork drills and videos below will ensure your players don't give away free passes when catching, lunging, landing, pivoting, and passing. Foo...



This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player running in catching the ball and landing on one foot and then the next. The play...

Web Videos

Netball coaching tip - footwork

Lisa Alexander & Sharelle McMahon talk through best practice for defensive footwork. Lisa shows us her famous "Hard Yakka" drill to help prepare Netba...



Match Fitness

Back to netball session - designed to get your players' hearts pumping and improve their fitness levels and refresh their netball skills

Public Drills

Chase the tail - Footwork

Teams of 3 or 4.Players form a line, holding onto each other’s waists, in a snake like formation to form the tail. Another player tries to tag t...

Sequential Passing

Mark the court out into three thirds, vertically, using cones.Position opposing players against their counterparts, in the order of usual play.Team on...


In pairs facing each other 1/3 distance apart.* X1 starts with ballX2 sprints forward to recieve pass.After recieving pass she jogs backwa...