Catch Pivot And Pass Relay

category: Footwork

The starting player passes the ball to the player moving towards the ball from the opposite group. The receiving player who catches the ball should la...

Hula Hoop - Landing Practice

category: Footwork

Place 3 hula hoops, chalked circles or use intersecting lines on the ground.The player runs to land in the first hoop on 2 feetThey then run to land i...


category: Footwork

4 players or more. 1 ball.Blue 1 drives forward to receive the ball from White 1.Blue 1 lands, turns and feeds to Blue 2, before returning to the back...

Web Videos

Netball coaching tip - footwork

Lisa Alexander & Sharelle McMahon talk through best practice for defensive footwork. Lisa shows us her famous "Hard Yakka" drill to help prepare Netba...



Community Drills

Footwork practice

The teams will be split into two, one at one side, and one at the other. This exercise is working on footwork and passing. Start this off as one group...