Pass Follow And Return

category: Passing

Netball Pass follow and return Passing 4 players in a square ( cones can be used ) players pass the ball clockwise around the 4 corners of the square...

Follow Your Pass (Zig Zag)

category: Passing

Netball Follow your pass (Zig Zag) Passing Workers pass the ball to the person at the next cone and then immediately follow it each time. Once the ba...

Pass Across Followed By Down The Line

category: Movement

Netball Pass across followed by down the line Movement 2 player in a square ( cones can be used). one player always passes across the area and one al...

Pass And Follow Relay

category: Passing

Netball Pass and Follow Relay Passing The player with the ball starts by passing using a shoulder pass to the player opposite them They sprint to fol...

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Passing in netball

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The rules of netball - explained!

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How to chest pass

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Community Drills

Fast release (fitness drill)

In pairs, with feeders in the middle (staggered slightly side by side but facing opposite directions to utilise most space); workers start on the outs...

Defender in the middle.

1. Players/Feeders (F) work in groups of 4, with 3 attackers forming a triangle, standing 1.5 meters apart and one defender stood in the middle.2. The...