Follow My Leader

category: Movement

Netball Follow My Leader Movement In pairs. One person takes the lead and the other must follow as close as possible. On the command from the teacher...

Follow Ball - Part 1

category: Movement

Netball Follow Ball - Part 1 Movement Split players into groups of 7/8 with 1 ball. Players stand into 2 lines facing each other with 1 feeder in the...

Cross Over

category: Movement

Netball cross over Movement Players run across the square to catch the ball and pass down the outside of the square. ... Follow My Leader Drill Thumb...

Time Your Run - Pass And Move

category: Movement

Netball Time your run - pass and move Movement The Player with the ball passes to player in space on the left. The player receiving the ball jumps in...

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Community Drills

warm up- follow the leader/shooting

half of the kids are doing follow the leader on half of the court doing some dynamic movements, while the ppther half do some shooting. they do this f...

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1. Follow the leader: conditioning warm up.2. Piggy in the middle: defensive/ interceptions skills.3. Shooting Drill.4. Jail break: learning footwork ...