Follow My Leader

category: Movement

Netball Follow My Leader Movement In pairs. One person takes the lead and the other must follow as close as possible. On the command from the teacher...

Cross Over

category: Movement

Netball cross over Movement Players run across the square to catch the ball and pass down the outside of the square. ... Follow My Leader Drill Thumb...

Follow Ball - Part 1

category: Movement

Netball Follow Ball - Part 1 Movement Split players into groups of 7/8 with 1 ball. Players stand into 2 lines facing each other with 1 feeder in the...

Clock Face

category: Movement

Netball Clock Face Movement In pairs one ball each group. On the command of the feeder,ie. 3 o clock, worker moves out to that time and receives the ...

Pass Across Followed By Down The Line

category: Movement

Netball Pass across followed by down the line Movement 2 player in a square ( cones can be used). one player always passes across the area and one al...

Follow Ball - Part 2

category: Movement

Netball Follow Ball - Part 2 Movement Add an extra feeder to the Follow ball part 1 practice and an extra ball as well - in each queue the 1st person...

Web Videos

Netball Trick Shots

Up to my usual shenanigans... Hope you get a laugh out of my sillyness. This video features my brother AJ.