Across The Court

category: Interception

The player at one end starts by passing to the 1st attacking player.

That attacking player then has to try and pass the ball to the 2nd atta...

Attacking Third Game - Offence V Defence

category: Small-games

Play 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 in one third of the court, using one goal.

Two shooters at any one time can go into the circle, play up to the third li...

Diagonal Cut To Lead

category: Getting-free

  1. In turn the worker feeds the ball to the feeder and then drives to the spot.
  2. The worker then changes direction and drives on to the ...


category: Rebounding

Blue player 1 dodges to receive from blue 2. The player inside the circle then returns the pass and dodges again.

Before being allowed to ma...

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Passing options, accuracy and handling

Providing options to the ball carrier, accurately passing and possessing good ball handling skills, allowing your attackers to fly through the court!


Working Together to Provide Options

Encourage your players to find space and start thinking tactically by being more aware of other players on court as well as improving their ball handl...


Community Drills

Game play

There will be a game with 6 players on each team. There won't be any WD'S and there will be 4 games of 5 minutes each. During the game, the wh...

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Keeping posession of the ball in the final third between all player frrom each teamwhen coach says "GO" team in posession of the ball attack...

Stepping and pivot turns

Player A starts at the black cones they then run up to the next cone and step around it to end up on the other side, carry on to next black cone. Repe...

Drill 1

Worker drives forward catching the ball from their leftWorker pivots and passes to the workers on their rightThe 2 workers rotate clockwise and drive ...