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Shooting Drills

Shooting is how your team score goals in netball, by feeding the circle, getting the ball to your attackers for them to shoot and score. The more goal...

Attack Drills

Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), al...


Landing Circle Edge

category: Getting-free

Netball Landing Circle Edge Getting free Two feeders will set up on the third ... the feeder) There will be one shooter and one defender in the circl...

Working On A 2 Vs 1 Within The Circle

category: Getting-free

Netball Working on a 2 vs 1 within the circle Getting free The feeders are positioned adjacent to one another, at the top and side of the circle - wi...

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Shooting Technique

Get your players jumping, with a flick of the wrist and a swish of the net as they work on their shooting skills!