Quick Feet With Jump

category: Defence

On whistle fast feet make diamond shape – defending jump at each point of diamond. Coaching points. Fast feet. Small base. Jump up and forward. Ave...

Follow The Ball

category: Defence

Depending on where the ball holding player holds the ball the worker should respond to the position of the ball using fast feet. If the ball is held ...

Face Forward

category: Footwork

Netball Face Forward Footwork Players must face the same direction the whole way round (direction faced indicated by small arrow) - to achieve this t...

Diamond Driving

category: Attack

Coaching points · Attackers are encouraged to have a strong drive out to the cones and back into the middle, driving onto the ball is crucial with t...


Fast feet to outwit the opposition

Develop your player's ability to execute quick and efficient footwork, not only when receiving the ball, but also when creating and penetrating space.

Snakebite Defence

Get your players making more interceptions with this run round the side and snatch the ball away session!

Clean Intercepting

Get your defenders reading the situation, reacting to the ball and performing clean interceptions to regain possession