Ball Catching Skills And Quick Movement

category: Ball-skills

Two players stand two meters apart.

The receiver turns their back on the feeder and awaits their instructions. When the feeder gives the command, ...

Ball Collection - Reflex Test

category: Warm-ups

Both players move in the same direction with the feeder moving backwards.

The feeder must play the ball to any side of the receiving player,...

Chest Pass (Side)

category: Passing

  • keep your eyes on the target
  • Step forward with either leg
  • Push through the ball using your elbows
  • Use the step to dirve ...

  • Chest Pass

    category: Passing

    Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

    Crab Relay Race

    category: Warm-ups

    A fun flexibility drill, with an element of competition to get teams moving.

    Players are on their hands and feet, with their st...

    Defender In The Middle

    category: Interception

    Players work in groups of 4, with 3 attackers forming a triangle, standing 1.5 meters apart and one defender stood in the middle.

    The ball ...

    Definite Drive

    category: Getting-free

    In one third of the court split your players into groups of 9 with one ball.

    Coach starts the practice.

    Each player at the front of ...

    Diagonal Cut To Lead

    category: Getting-free

    1. In turn the worker feeds the ball to the feeder and then drives to the spot.
    2. The worker then changes direction and drives on to the ...



    Varying options for the ball carrier

    Don’t let any of your players go alone in attack with this session, working on their attacking movement to become an option for their team-mates


    Fancy Footwork!

    Show off some fancy footwork on court and go on the attack with this session!


    Community Drills

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    Warm UpWorking on running technique 1. High Knees2. Hand Hip to Lip3. Upright PostureWork from blue to red including skipping/ differant speeds of hig...


    All players break fast in 1 strong lead.The 1st option should be to the post.If the post lead is not clear , te pass goes to the 1st clear lead.

    Marking and Dodging

    Groups of 3. 1 feeder, 1 marker and 1 dodger.TPS: Ask for children to explain the different types of dodge, then demonstrate. sprint, feint, double, s...

    Around The World

    Split into 4 teams.2 teams will be feeders to start.2 teams working against each other.Teams feed the ball up one side of feeders on the sideline, run...