category: Defence

Work in pairs. Start back line. In turn for 30 secs. Jog forward. On whistle fast feet make diamond shape – defending jump at each point of diamon...

Face Forward

category: Footwork

Players must face the same direction the whole way round (direction faced indicated by small arrow) - to achieve this they should: Sprint along the fi...

Quick Decisions - Jump And Land

category: Warm-ups

Split your players into two groups and get them to pair up.The first pair in the line set off and must first choose a hoop to jump and land into - it ...

Follow The Ball

category: Defence

Players stand in pairs, with the worker standing behind the ball holding player. Depending on where the ball holding player holds the ball the worker ...

Web Videos

Netball warm up

This warm is perfect before training or a game. A warm up is really important so the muscles are less prone to injury such as muscle tear and strain. ...