Around The Cone - Meet The Pass

category: Passing

Two passers (blue) start with the ball on the outside red cones.

Two workers (red) start on the blue cones. One worker goes one way around th...

Catch And Turn

category: Movement

Working in threes with 1 ball per group.

The 1st player has their back to the others throws the ball up and over their head, turns and cat...

Chest Pass (Side)

category: Passing

  • keep your eyes on the target
  • Step forward with either leg
  • Push through the ball using your elbows
  • Use the step to dirve ...

  • Double Handed Flick To Wall Plus Jump

    category: Wall-drills

    When ready jump upwards and push/ flick the ball to the wall using both hands.

    The land and bend both knees before then jumping again in tim...

    Web Videos

    Netball is on the up

    Are international test matches impacting local clubs? We talk to players and fans in the Copper Box Arena and find out. Keep an eye out for interviews...



    Clean Intercepting

    Get your defenders reading the situation, reacting to the ball and performing clean interceptions to regain possession


    Community Drills

    Catch and Release

    Put team in groups of 3initially pass the ball around the triangle using the 'chest pass' technique...concentrating on passing accurately.random passe...

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    Player C must look ahead to the cone at all times during this drill. Player A and B alternate throwing the ball to player C. This is to practice ...

    Warm Up #1

    Focus on fitness and footwork Hard drivesEyes up Foot Work

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    Rules/Description:All players are required to play in two teams: attacking and defending. The object of the game for the attacking team is to shoot th...