Easy As 1, 2, 3

category: Warm-ups

Whilst passing the ball to each other, three players run in a line across the width of court. Players number themselves 1, 2 and 3 and pass in the fol...

Quick Passing

category: Passing

Split the group into 8s.2 Balls starting with Player 1 and Player 4. The players then pass the balls diagnoally until the ball reaches an end. They ...

Run And Move Into Space

category: Passing

Player 1 runs towards the player with the ball on reaching the cone player moves to receive the ball from player 2 by the outside cone and passes the ...

Pass Follow And Return

category: Passing

4 players in a square ( cones can be used ) players pass the ball clockwise around the 4 corners of the square. After each pass the player follows the...

Web Videos

Netball bounce pass drill

This is a great netball drill for working on bounce pass technique. It's most effective when done in pairs, but can be adjusted for different numbers ...