Driving Onto The Ball

category: Movement

Netball Driving Onto The Ball Movement Set up: one third space, one ball between two, cones (one between two). One partner to be standing on the third...

Diamond Driving

category: Attack

COACHING POINTS. Attackers are encouraged to have a strong drive out to the cones and back into the middle, driving onto the ball is crucial with the ...

Defence - Three Feet Practice

category: Defence

Players are in groups of threes, one ball, 1/3 space.

Players set up like 'piggy in the middle'. Defender in the middle sets up three f...

Line Drive - Through Court Movement

category: Extras

Set up: One ball, full court, 5+ players.

1. Players line up down the middle of the court, evenly spaced.

2. Ball starts at one e...

Web Videos

Drive into channels netball drills

The Drive Into Channels Netball Drill is a great drill to use to get players linking in the final third and really driving onto the ball and ...



Community Drills

Driving on to the ball

split 3rd into squares (if we have a whole court, split team into 2 groups). In groups of 3, 1 worker per square they must move to a free square on ev...