Double Marked

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball Double marked Centre Pass Set Plays It is common that the defending C will drop back and double mark either the WA or GA, if that happens... ...

3 V 2 To Score

category: Attack

Netball 3 v 2 to score Attack The challenge in this game is for the attacking players to use the extra player to help them score.

Ice Cream

category: Footwork

Netball ICE CREAM Footwork This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player running in catching the ball and landing on one foot...

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Community Drills

2x Front Cuts and Double Plays

1. A starts with ball on baseline. Passes to F on transverse2. F passes back. D steps up to A - hands over + tracking the ball3. A releases ball to F ...

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Have 3 people in each third. Each person must receive a pass then pass the ball to a person in the next third.Then the second third must all touch the...

Basic centre pass

C to WAWA to GS GS to WA or GA (in the ring)Look for double play with GS and WAGS can come through either top of goal ring or on a 45C observes&n...

Bang Bang: GA drive

GA start with ball and passes ball to C who hits circle edge after a change of direction.C then lobs to the WA driving into the pocket whilst the GA i...