Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Netball Defenders Dictating Play Defence Create a narrow channel for 2 attackers and 2 defenders to work in, from the centre circle to the end of cour...

Dictating A Centre Pass

category: Defence

Description. Set up 3 cones along a transverse line, one in the middle, one at the edge of court and one in between these. · Coaching points. We are ...

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Defence around the Circle

Dictate the attackers into bad positions, increasing the difficulty and numbers of passes; therefore increasing opportunities to intercept


Community Drills

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Attacker makes a solid change of direction (no banana runs) Sharp angles.Feeder puts pall high and to side of worker, alternating btwn inside and outs...

Dictating Defence Basic Movement

Att to move fwd or bwd between the conesDef to remain in Dictating stanceFwd Bwd SlideEyes up on ball / call coloursCP's:Body Positioning - less that ...

Turning in Air & Outside Foot

They stand one behind each other opposite 1 feeder. 2 people at the front of the queue dodge out, 1 person goes left, 1 right (front person dictates)....