Diamond Driving

category: Attack

Netball Diamond Driving Attack *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set Up: Two balls, four cones, 4-6 players. Cones set up as a diamond, the two feeders opposite...

Diamond Getting Free

category: Movement

Netball Diamond getting free Movement Feeder starts with the ball outside of the diamond, 2m from the edge. ... Don't let any of your players go alon...

3 V 2 To Score

category: Attack

Netball 3 v 2 to score Attack The challenge in this game is for the attacking players to use the extra player to help them score.

Taking On Two Defenders

category: Attack

Netball Taking on two defenders Attack Position cones 8-10m apart. ... the first defender in the attempt to convince the defender she is driving a ce...

From Behind The Post

category: Attack

Netball From behind the post Attack Thh Attackers start from behind the post to try and get free to receive the ball and shoot. Alternate the side th...

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