Drill Categories

Defence Drills

There are three stages of Defence in netball: Shadowing - Being on your toes, ready to pounce 2. Pressure (3 ft) - Make things difficult for the opp...


Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

  • The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the robbers who are trying to steal them and take them to their home.
  • ...

Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Create a narrow channel for 2 attackers and 2 defenders to work in, from the centre circle to the end of court.

Have a feeder on each side of...

Figure Of Eight

category: Interception

Split players into pairs with one ball and three cones, placed in a triangle. The feeder stands above the top of the triangle.

Using quick,...

The Three Musketeers

category: Group-practices

Split players into 3s. White players are attackers, the blue players are the defenders.

The 3 attackers aim is to get to the other end of th...

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Akuma netball x red bull switch up

Akuma are proud sponsors of Red Bull Switch Up, held at Manchester's EventCity. Switch Up is a fast paced, exciting brand of Netball that sees some of...



Community Drills

Denying space - with Ball

In groups of 3. Attackers face away from the defender and throws up the ball to themselves, pivots and turns around.Defender attempts to go for the ba...

Running the Gauntlet - Advanced

Group of 8. 2 defenders in each third. 2 attackers work their way down the court, passing at least 4X in each third. Two defenders in the third, shado...

Denying Space (Block) With Ball

In Groups of 3Attacker faces away from defender, throws ball up to themselves, pivots and turns around.Defence attempts to go for ball, recovers to 3 ...

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Defending principle: To be able to close down space, deny space and apply pressure using stage 1 defence.Feet shoulder width apartweight balanced and ...