Set Play - Attacking Centre

category: Movement

Netball Set play - Attacking Centre Movement WA starts wide drawing the WD with her. GA also starts wide. The GA drives should time their run in cour...

Pass Across

category: Passing

Netball Pass across Passing W with ball may pass the ball to any of the feeders on the ... Defender attempts to delay the players progress or interce...

Web Videos

Inpl court 1

Slight Delay due to centre restriction.... Beastwear Indoor Netball Premier League Finals LIVE from Silverwater Sydney.



Community Drills

Defending Play

3 v 3 game. Attackers must make 5 consecutive passes between them taking the ball towards the goal circle. Defenders must intercept the pass befo...


– Defender should position on the inside of the goaler, to force their drive wide and make it predictable.– Defender to ‘attack’ every ball, i.e. cont...

Figure of eight drill

- Two attackers will stand approximately 5 meters apart - They will pass the ball between each other - The defender will time their run to try to inte...