Set Play - Attacking Centre

category: Attack

WA starts wide drawing the WD with her. GA also starts wide. The GA drives should time their run in court to receive the ball. The WA drives in court...

3 Straight Forward Running Evasions

category: Attack

1. Double cut back: WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing direction for a second time to go and meet the pass. 2...

Half Court King Ball

category: Interception

Each team has a King (player)standing on their bench. The aim is to get all players (Kings) onto their bench. To become a King, the players on the sam...

Attacking Centre Pass

category: Attack

GA and WA start on the line squeezing their defenders into the middle. This opens up space to run into Has to be two options therefore both players h...

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Improving Reaction Times

We look at ways you can improve your players’ reaction times in this fun and fast training session