Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Netball Defenders Dictating Play Defence Create a narrow channel for 2 attackers and 2 defenders to work in, from the centre circle to the end of cou...

Follow Your Player

category: Defence

Netball Follow your player Defence Players work in pairs (one defender, one attacker). The court is divided into 3 channels along the length of the c...

Defensive Body Position

category: Defence

Netball Defensive Body Position Defence Get into 3's with one ball Set up two cones approximately 4-5 meters apart One player will be the feeder and ...

Defensive Footwork

category: Defence

Netball Defensive footwork Defence Player 1 holds the ball out in front.Player 2 runs round one way then the other to touch the ball each time.

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Defending in netball

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Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements


Zone Defence for Beginners!

Develop your young players' ability to work as a team - denying space and pressuring their opponent to win back possession!



Community Drills

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Pre movement towards ballMake sure player is doing the correct movem towards the ball. Demonstrate ways in how to get around the cone.Add defensi...


Standing in a triangle with the defensive player in between, the feeder throws the ball to either of the static players and the defensive player has t...


Defensive skillsDiscuss and demonstrate the different types of defence techniques. 1on1 in front, 1on1 behind/side, 2on1(sandwich), defending space. F...