Moving Pass

category: Wall-drills

Netball Moving pass Wall drills Shoulder pass to the wall at a fixed point further down the wall Run to the left to receive the ball as it rebounds o...

Piece Of Cake

category: Defence

Netball Piece of Cake Defence Every player is involved in this defensive exercise. The first player in the center passes to an outside player. After ...

Defend The Corridor

category: Defence

Netball Defend the Corridor Defence This drill is for a defender to practice intercepting and dictating play. Use 4 feeders to make a space like a wi...

Jumping Intercept

category: Interception

Netball Jumping Intercept Interception 2 balls. The middle ... Jumping Intercept 2 Drill Thumbnail View this drill ... Cover Defence: Ball and Hole G...

Web Videos

Netball passing and defending drill

This guide from intosport.com will show you an excellent team netball drill to work on passing under pressure. It will also help defenders with their ...