1 Vs 1 Defending In The Circle

category: Defence

Netball 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Defence Slowly the two attackers pass the ball back and forth down the court towards the circle. The defender ...

Diamond Driving

category: Attack


Set Up:

  • Two balls, four cones, 4-6 players.
  • Cones set up as a diamond, the two...

Defensive Footwork

category: Defence

Netball Defensive footwork Defence Player 1 holds the ball out in front.Player 2 runs round one ... 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Drill Thumbnail Vi...

2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

Netball 2 vs 1 in the Circle Zone defence The 2 defenders inside the circle must ... Defending Principle: Understanding the importance of communicati...

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Community Drills

Defensive Circle Zone Out

GS leads out of circle to receive side line throw in from WA. GK allows GS to receive pass, gets their 3 feet to defend pass from GS to C.GK the...

Defensive Circle Switch 1

1 feeders, 2 attackers, 2 defendersC drops ball towards GA, GD runs through fro the intercept, whilst GD drops back to pick up the GSAttackers are rel...

Defensive Circle Switch 4

Linked to Defensive Circle Switch 3As the GA comes down the court, the GD does not succeed in driving her to the baseline and she cuts front to the to...

Defensive Circle Switch 2

Following on from Defence Circle Switch 12 feeders, 2 attackers, 2 defendersAdd in a swing!Defenders want to remain ballside (DADA), but look for oppo...