Attacking Third Game - Offence V Defence

category: Small-games

Play 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 in one third of the court, using one goal.Two shooters at any one time can go into the circle, play up to the third line and see...

Reward The Defence

category: Small-games

Play 5 on 5 or 6 on 6, attack v defence! Every time the defender is marking the attacker from 3 feet they get a point. See how many points each group ...

Additional Defence

category: Group-practices

The first team starts with the ball inside the attacking third, with all the other players except one stood outside the area. The aim for the team in ...

Cover Defence: Ball And Hole Game

category: Interception

Two defenders work inside a circle of players with one ball. The red players must pass the ball around the group and try to keep possession. The two d...

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