Wing Defence

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Wing Defence Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? The wing defence can move in the defensive and centre third but is not allowed to en...

Holding Your Defence

category: Shooting

Netball holding your defence Shooting Set up: Split players into groups of at least 7 ... The circle is a shooters domain, but it's got to get there ...

Sumo Wrestlers

category: Defence

Netball Sumo Wrestlers Defence 2 Players facing each other. The idea is that each player has to try and touch the calves of their partners and at the...

Goal Defence

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Goal Defence Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? ... Improve your team’s knowledge with this session, helping your players to ...

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Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements


Community Drills

Denying Space (Block) With Ball

In Groups of 3Attacker faces away from defender, throws ball up to themselves, pivots and turns around.Defence attempts to go for ball, recovers to 3 ...

Lisa Drill - Defence

Attack moves to cone 1Defence shadowsAttack moves to cone 2Defence ShadowsAs they move back to the base cone, Defence changes direction to intercept a...

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WA starts with ball and C drives to first cones and receives pass. WA drives onto the top of the circle and receives pass from C. Shooters...

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Defence set up a D Triangle, on whistle, WD and GD are straight over to form a line with C who move together and communicate. Marking the space and mo...