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Does anyone have a drill to encourage U11s to come forward for a pass?

Does anyone have a drill to encourage under 11's to come forward for a pass rather than asking for the overhead pass all the time as they are 'running away' from the ball in their haste to get to the circle?

Jacqui Davis Coach, England

How do I set a defensive zone (ie GA WA C WD GD) and?

How do I set a defensive zone (ie GA WA C WD GD) and teach the girls to defend the zone they are in and not go for the ball?

Bill Wilson Coach, Australia

What abilities do a good GS need to have?

I'm training for the State League/U17 tryouts next year and I want to know what abilities the really good GSs have, like clean breaking within the circle, high shooting goal percentage etc. Does anyone have any exercises/drills that I would be able to do by myself or with one or two people to build up skills like breaking? (Sportplan's drills are mainly based on coaching an entire team, and I can't supply that many people to train with me %3A( ) Thankyou in advance,Belladonna And nice to meet the netball lovers on this site %3A) I don't have any friends who love netball as much as me...

Archived User Coach

I am looking for some advice on being a better GD?

I am looking for some advice on being a better GD. Any advice out there will be greatly appreciated. Also some strategies on the defense side for GK, WD. Question submitted from "Sportplan Netball" on Facebook, by Inge Kruse.

Sportplan Team Coach, United Kingdom

doe's anyone now any good getting free tips?

hi guys, im jada i just made it into a rep team but i want to get even better with my movement in the circle, i'am a goal shooter and i'm really tall 5, 10 to be exact i'm also only twelve years old but i want to be unstoppable as a shooter because i hate being second. so could you please help me on anything to do with getting free like dodging or something just some sneaky tricks?? thanks guys regards jada

Archived User Coach

Shooting partners screening in the goal circle?

Hi, Wondering if any one can clarify the ruling for shooting partners screening in the goal circle? Our GA has screened effectively so far this season but was pulled by the umpire today when screening the GS? She hadn't contacted either defender, and was at 90cm distance, so we were left a little confused?? Is there a set distance they need to be away from their shooting partner?? She was told she was too close and a penalty pass given to the defender. Advice greatly appreciated %3A)

Nicola White Coach, Australia

How to improve goalers movement in the ring?

i coach an under 15s team and my gaolers are struggling to move in the ring. They seem only make straight leads and do not get in front. Are there any drills or advice to help my gaolers move efficiently in the ring?

Jenn Westmorland Coach, Australia

Please help me with attacking and defending strategies in netball

What are attacking strategies and defending strategies??? I need to finish my coursework and I am stuck with those two!

Archived User Coach

Year six team, how to coach?

I am coaching a year six team with a friend and I have never coached before but I have played netball for many years. What sort of drills are suitable for them (they are about 11 and 12) which are not to complicated but also aren't to basic. Thanks in advance!!

Alice Coach, Australia

Shooting set up drills and movement in the circle

I need shooting drills for around the circle to help my team on weekends. I don't want drills that have nothing to do with moving the ball around the circle and shooting. I want shooting set ups for game day please.

Archived User Coach

Double marking defence

How do you deal with a GD and GK double marking a shooter from front and behind? The shooter unfortunately does not have much of a gap to shot the ball.Also how do you deal with a defender who constant,y marks you facing you with practically a 1 inch gap between you and her? Especially in the semi circle?Thanks

Ruksana Moress Coach, England

How to get goalers to convert their goals.

What drills or training can you give goalers to do so their goals convert each time they shoot in netball?

Debbie McArdle Coach, Australia

What good tricks can we coach our kids?

What type of 'tricks' can we use? I coach u/10 's and they want to things like the WD and GD defend GA of other team and C hold/keep the WA of the other team,any other suggestions that I can use please? Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Jackie Venter Coach, South Africa

How to move in the circle

How to move around in the goal circle Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Archived User Coach

How do I get over my mental rut and self doubt when shooting?

Two months ago I started playing netball again after having my baby. Pre baby I was a good goaler, always got my shots in no matter where I was in the circle. First few games back I did okay with my movement and my shooting was pretty good considering also.Then one game I was really off with my shots, ever since then every single time i play, I over think and doubt my shooting. As a result I miss the ring completley and therefore fall more into this mental block.How do I get over this and get my ‘flow’ back? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Skyler Coach, Australia

How would you advise your team playing tall players?

i would like to know how i can advise my team to effectively handle taller opponents if them are short.

Bwalya Andrew Coach, Zambia

Defending a shooter who steps ...

I need some clarification please. In the goal circle if GS steps in towards the goal post and lifts her grounded foot, where does the defender defend from if the shooter stepped in before the defender lifted her arms? Is the 3ft from where her grounded foot was or where she stepped in to?

Archived User Coach

Defending tall goal shooter | ...

How can I teach my players to defend against a very tall goal shooter?

Lilly Moore Coach, Australia

How to Defend a lob pass into ...

Defending a lob into the goal circle

Archived User Coach

hi i jut started playing GK fo...

hi i jut started playing GK for a local netball team and i am struggling abit, im not sure on what i can and cant do, ie jumping and waving my arms etc plz help

Archived User Coach
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Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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