Drill Categories

Attack Drills

Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), al...

Decision making Drills

The decision making drills and videos below will improve your players' understanding of the game, training them to think quickly while developing thei...


Pass Follow And Return

category: Passing

Netball Pass follow and return Passing 4 players in a square ( cones can be used ) players pass the ball clockwise ... Diagonal Cut to Lead Drill Thu...

Pass And Cut With Trigger

category: Movement

Netball Pass and Cut with Trigger Movement Set up: No set amount of people needed. Working in partners. 2 groups opposite each other. Two players dri...

Diagonal Cut To Lead

category: Getting-free

Netball Diagonal Cut to Lead Getting free In turn the worker feeds the ball to the ... The worker then changes direction and drives on to the fast an...

Pass And Cut- Shelley Special

category: Group-practices

Netball Pass and Cut- Shelley Special Group practices Set up: 4 corners set up 2 feeders (static and with a ball each) Two players work together and ...

Web Videos

Netball drill

Great drill to teach players to pass then run and be aware !! Remind them to talk to each other.