Cross Over

category: Movement

Netball cross over Movement Players run across the square to catch the ball and pass down the outside of the square. Use cones to start with but once...

Quickest Way Up The Court

category: Group-practices

Netball Quickest way up the court Group practices Set out the players as shown. The path of the ball should be straight. The players should move onto...

Fast Hands Cross-Over

category: Warm-ups

Netball Fast hands cross-over Warm ups Two lines stand about 5 meters apart with another two lines stood perpendicular so that players are stood in a...

Ice Cream

category: Footwork

Netball ICE CREAM Footwork This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player ... Criss-Cross Pass - Land on outside foot Drill T...

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Community Drills

Movement Drill 2

The attacker starts on the green marker they than clear around the cone and cut across court into the space. They recieve a pass from the feeder. The ...

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3 setsZig zag across courtheel flicks, side steps5 star jumps at coneknee high, side steps5 power jumps at conegrape vine, sprint home.


- third of court- Red team must get the ball cross court and back, Blue team must do the same, but they can intercept each others ball- If intercepted...

Baseline Throw In (outside circle)

WD positions themselves at the top of the circle, just off centre on the opposite side of the throw in. GD positions themselves in the top half o...