Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Netball Defenders Dictating Play Defence Create a narrow channel for 2 ... effective team defence to deny space and force errors up and down the cour...

Quickest Way Up The Court

category: Group-practices

Netball Quickest way up the court Group practices Set out the players as shown. The path of the ball should be straight. The players should move onto...

Holding Space

category: Getting-free

Netball Holding space Getting free Players work in 4s, with 1 ball. GS and GK work in the middle with a feeder either side. The GS in the middle posi...

Move Into Space

category: Decision-making

Netball Move into space Decision making Set up grids 5 m by 5m. 3 player with 1 ball in each ... Build Communication on Court Drill Thumbnail View th...

Web Videos


Clearing Runs to Create Space

Don't all crowd and run to the ball, like moths to a light bulb! Teach your players to make smart runs to stretch the opposition and create space!

Protecting Space for Beginners

Can your juniors hold their space when attacking? Use this session to teach them how to hold off defenders and create more space to move into and rece...

Community Drills

Single third ball movement

Concentrate on: - Passes - Timing Leads - Throwing in front - Cautious of linesPut a floating defence in court space

Increase options for passing

2 players offer options for feeder, and player who doesn't receive the pass drives on down court to reoffer as an optionPlayers discuss where first fe...

Using space

Players line up in the middle of the court spaced out. GK starts with the ball, and GD breaks right or left to recieve. Once ball is recieved, Pivot a...