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Ball skills Drills

The essential netball ball handling skill videos below will improve your players' ability to handle the ball. These ball skill drills will help your p...

Passing Drills

Using the passing drills and videos below your player will learn to accurately execute one and two hand passing - including the chest, bounce, shoulde...


Reverse Hand Control

category: DIY-Drills

Netball Reverse Hand Control DIY Drills Get into pairs with one ball Stand approximately 2 meters apart One player will be the worker and the other t...

Ball Control

category: DIY-Drills

Netball Ball Control DIY Drills Get a ball and find a space on a wall Using one hand bounce the ball repeatedly against the wall Whilst doing this, s...

Fingertips Control 1

category: Ball-skills

Netball Fingertips control 1 Ball skills Players have 1 ball each. They start in a space away from one another on the netball court. Player holds the...

One Handed Pass And Catch

category: Ball-skills

Netball One Handed Pass and Catch Ball skills One player always passes the ball straight and the other always passes the ball diagonally. Both player...

Ball Handling And Coordination

category: Ball-skills

Netball Ball Handling and Coordination Ball skills A Worker and 2 Feeders set up in a triangle about 3m away from each other and each player has a ba...

Web Videos


Shooting Form - Accuracy and Control

Can your players shoot using the correct shooting technique under pressure? Find out with this goal scoring plan, that finishes with 2 fun conditioned...



Community Drills

6 Player Offence/Defence - No WD

GS/GK to control the red zones. Assist GA/GD in keeping or gaining possession.When in possession of the ball it will be very important to control the ...


Warm upEnsure Sidesteps are tight and controlled...head upZigzags are defined...pushing off on the outside foot...head upTurns are controlled abs...

Free Pass Formation

Free Pass OptionsGD chooses best optionGS aggressive controlGA/C keep opposition movingFree space will be available