Competing For The Ball

category: Interception

Netball Competing for the ball Interception The feeder starts the drill by throwing the ball up for both players to compete for and try to gain contr...

Loose Ball

category: Interception

Netball loose ball Interception in 3s 1 ball Feeder drops the ball on the floor for the 2 other players to compete and try and gain possession of the...

Snake Bite Distraction

category: Defence

Netball Snake bite distraction Defence In this game you have two attackers who are passing the ball between them with one defender who stands behind ...

Web Videos

Netball - contesting the ball

Video depicting the contesting rule in Netball. Buy the eBook or accompanying hardcopy book from www.futuremanagers.net - Netball Play with Rules by A...


Community Drills

Shadow Defence - Adapted

Same Process as above but working on opening up for the drop back Focus on contesting for the ball Remove all dots

Autosave 2070664

Contesting (whole team or groups of 5)T. counts to 3 then passes in.Ask the A to work at about 60% working then upto 100% by the end of the drillWorki...

Contest, Give and Go Overlap

In 4's, 2 players feeding and 2 contesting for 1st pass. Receiver gives back to feeder and drives for overlap ball towards other feeder, receives, pas...