Netball Rounders - Throw Through The Hoop!

category: Conditioned-games

Set up a pitch using cones that is roughly the same size as a netball court (30m x 15m) and divide your players into two equal teams.Players can run i...

Netball Rules - 1V1 Progression (No Grids)

category: Conditioned-Games

Have 2 equal teams and 2 goals in a 23 m area. Players play a 7v7 game with the following rule: When a player is in possession they are not allowed to...

Ball Skills Mini Guantlet

category: Small-games

3 Feeders, 3 defenders, 1 attacker, 1 ball.  Attacker has to work her way through the defenders passing and receiving the ball from the feed...

Killer Shooting

category: Shooting

The aim of the game is to score a goal before the person in front of you does to get them out. The final player left in the line wins. The first playe...

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