Complete The Square

category: Movement

Working in a square in groups of 3 (with one corner left empty). Player 2 sprints to the spare corner as player 1 starts to play the pass. Upon rece...

Complete The Square - 4S

category: Passing

Split the group into 4s with 2 balls.The feeder (Blue Player 1) has two balls, she passes to Blue Player 2 who passes first to her right. She then re...

Complete The Square - 3S

category: Passing

Players 1, 2 and 3 stand on 3 corners of the square. Player 1 has a ball and throws it to the 4th corner for player 3 to receive it. She lands, turn...

Pass And Move In Opposite Direction

category: Passing

Players pass the ball clock wise. After each pass the player runs to touch the cone of the player in the opposite direction they passed to and then ru...

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