2 Vs 1 Pairs

category: Passing

3 teams of 2 players.
2 teams combine to play against the 3rd team. If 3rd team gets the ball, the team that lost the ball is in the middle ...

Combined Movement Skills

category: Movement

Spots are placed as set out below. The players stand Indian file. One feeder. Spot 1 straight jog spot 1 - 2 change direction on spot 2 and ...

Web Videos

Plyometric exercises for netball

Plyometric Exercises for Netball. Part of the series: Creative Exercises. Netball is an Australian derivative of basketball. Learn about using plyomet...



Community Drills

Skill development: landing footwork

Drill 1: Pivot foot (technique)1. bring weight over grounded foot2. lift ankle up of pivot foot3. push off the other foot to get direction and balance...