4 Corner Drill

category: Getting-free

Netball 4 corner drill Getting free Minimum of 8 players with 2 balls (balls start on diagonally opposite corners). Players 1 and 3 run to their left...

Wa/Ga Cross

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball WA/GA Cross Centre Pass Set Plays The WA and GA will set up ... will lead and drive out for the ball but cross over to the GA's side Likewise...

Rotating And Turning Pass

category: Warm-ups

Netball Rotating and turning Pass Warm ups Players line up in 2 lines facing each other. Blue player 1 throws to Blue player 3 who runs forwards to m...

Centre Deep

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball Centre Deep Centre Pass Set Plays The WA and GA will start in a staggered position, with one player (WA in this example) on the line and the ...

Web Videos

Netball drills - the one two drill

The One Two Drill is our most difficult yet but once it's broken down I think any players who can pass and catch could give it a go! It's a great team...


Improving Reaction Times

We look at ways you can improve your players’ reaction times in this fun and fast training session


Man-Marking Defending

Are your players man-marking-masters? Find out with this defensive skills session!



Community Drills

Clear and Drive

In Groups of 5Two workers do a split lead (the front player making the direction decision and the one behind leads to the opposit position.) The passe...

GS clear and drive

The GS will go to the edge of the ring taking her player, when the time is right she will make a lead to the goal post and receive the ball.*time the ...

1,2,3 Clear and Drive

A 1-3 split drive. 2 players go wide (can go same or different) and 1 must go middle.In this case A3 drives middle then turns and passes to A2 (closes...