Run Through - Two Balls Passing Circuit

category: Movement

Netball Run through - Two balls passing circuit Movement Divide your players into two equal lines, with one ball with the first player. Two feeders s...

Shuttle Circuits

category: Footwork

Netball Shuttle Circuits Footwork Designed to work your players hard - working on their ... Netball Drill Demonstration ... 3 straight forward runnin...

Passing Circuit

category: Passing

Netball Passing circuit Passing 2 balls 4 players 2 players in the middle are static and need to turn on the spot. the other 2 players move between 2...

Pivot Catch And Pass

category: Footwork

Netball Pivot catch and pass Footwork In this relay the player running out to catch the ball turns in the air to land on the back foot and pass the b...

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