Body Circles

category: Ball-skills

Work the ball from hand to hand, around:


(Both knees/ankles together).


category: Roles-responsibilities

Where can they go?

Centres are allowed to move in all 3 thirds except in both circles.

Hula Hoop - Landing Practice

category: Footwork

Place 3 hula hoops, chalked circles or use intersecting lines on the ground.

  1. The player runs to land in the first hoop on 2 feet

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Community Drills

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Warm UpAs a whole group jog for 5 - 7 minutes in a circular motion.complete some dynamic stretches in the middle of the court (suggested by the square...

Wing attack 27862005

Where can they go?Wing Attacks are allowed to move in 2 thirds except and not the circles.Coaching PointsWhat do they do?They mark the oppos...

End Ball

Aim of the game is to get the ball into your teams goal circleTeams must receive the ball 3 times in each third before they can advance down the court...