Change Of Direction

category: Movement

Netball Change of direction Movement The queueing players must sprint and change direction before receiving the ball from the feeder. Once they've re...

Changing Direction - Group Practice

category: Group-practices

Netball Changing Direction - group practice Group practices Setup the practice as shown. Feeder 1 has the ball. Worker runs out towards a cone, chang...

Changing Direction

category: Getting-free

Netball Changing Direction Getting free 4 cones are placed as shown in diagram. Red player 1 runs to any cone, changes direction and receives ball fr...

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Community Drills

Ball around body

Move ball around various parts of body, changing direction position hightfocus fast hand, finger not palms

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Player 1 (c) is the ball carrier, the first player in the line passes the ball to the ball carrier and then sprints towards them before changing direc...

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Player_starts at 1, goes to 2, up to 3, sideways running back to 1, forward to 4, defensive shuffle back to 1. At 1 player jumps before making stong d...