Drill Categories

Shooting Drills

Shooting is how your team score goals in netball, by feeding the circle, getting the ball to your attackers for them to shoot and score. The more goal...


1 Vs 1 Centre Pass

category: Getting-free

Set up a 3m x 3m area, with an attacker and a defender inside. A feeder stands outside the area and starts with the ball. You can set this up in th...

10 Passes To Score

category: Group-practices

1 team starts with the ball and tries and make 10 consecutive passes. The other team can send 1 or 2 players across to try and win the ball for the...

10 Passes To Score

category: Small-games

1 team starts with the ball and tries and make 10 consecutive passes. The other team can send 1 or 2 players across to try and win the ball for the...

2 Lead Drive

category: Passing

minimum of 8 players set up in square grid as shown in picture Ball is passed round the square with players timing their move so that they run onto th...

2 Vs 1 Passing

category: Getting-free

3 Players; 2 Attack and 1 Defence set up in an area of court relevant to their positions.

The marked attacker passes the ball to the other an...

2 Vs 2

category: Small-games

The 2 defenders are only allowed in the Circle.

Attackers can move in and out of the circle as they wish but can only have one player at a t...

3 Straight Forward Running Evasions

category: Attack

1. Double cut back:

WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing direction for a second time to go and meet t...

4 Corner Cut Back

category: Getting-free

Split players into pairs with one ball between them.

The worker (player 2) drives from the centre to a cone and then back to the centre ag...

4 Corner Drill

category: Getting-free

Minimum of 8 players with 2 balls (balls start on diagonally opposite corners).

Players 1 and 3 run to their left towards the player that is...

Additional Defence

category: Defence

The first team starts with the ball inside the attacking third, with all the other players except one stood outside the area.

The aim for th...

Web Videos

Netball game - rules introduction

Video guide for everything you need to know about the rules for a game of Netball. Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass like En...


Reverse Pivot For Beginners!

Trick the opposition and learn how to reverse pivot with this session, making sure that your players are using the correct technique to pull the move ...


Community Drills

Around the world - change.MOV

Around the world with a change of directionAs above, but the coach will call 'CHANGE.' This means that the players need to change the directio...

Attacking drill

This drill is called 'bow'The ball is coming down the court and the black WD has the ball, because C is the closest to the ball she will sprint to the...

Passing Accuracy

In this drill it is all about accuracy and timing your pass when there are a lot of other balls flying passed.The centre out the front with the ball h...