Set Play - Attacking Centre Pass

category: Movement

Netball Set Play - Attacking Centre pass Movement WA and GA line up in the middle ... option C - WA - C - GS attacking, centre pass, movement, set pl...

Wa And Ga Coordinating Centre Pass

category: Attack

This drill looks to progress a Centre pass from the 1st phase (receipt of the 1st pass) to the 2nd phase (passing options from the 1st phase). One of...

Pick The Right Option

category: Attack

Netball Pick the Right Option Attack In this exercise you have two feeders and then ... Attacking Principles: Driving onto the ball to maximise centr...

Centre Pass Practice

category: Decision-making

Netball Centre pass practice Decision making Play an attacking game situation of a ... the ball they can move forward to provide a 2nd phase passing ...

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Netball game - centre position guide

Netball player position guide on everything you need to know about playing centre during a game of Netball. We provide you with all the basic advice f...



Community Drills


Centre Pass Options 1. C - WA -GS- GAWA and GA must drive hard.


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