Drill Categories

Ball skills Drills

The essential netball ball handling skill videos below will improve your players' ability to handle the ball. These ball skill drills will help your p...

Footwork Drills

The footwork drills and videos below will ensure your players don't give away free passes when catching, lunging, landing, pivoting, and passing. Foot...


Catch And Turn

category: Movement

Netball Catch and turn Movement Working in threes with 1 ball per group. The 1st player has their back to the others throws the ball up and over thei...

Ball Catching Skills And Quick Movement

category: Ball-skills

Netball Ball catching skills and quick movement Ball skills Two players stand two meters apart. The receiver turns their back on the feeder and await...

Catch And Pass

category: Passing

Netball Catch and Pass Passing 4 cones are placed as shown in diagram and players work in pairs with one ball. The worker (red) runs to any cone, cha...

Drop, React, Catch

category: Warm-ups

Netball Drop, React, Catch Warm ups In partners: one player does quick feet in a slight squat position, looking at the ball with their hands by the s...

One Handed Pass And Catch

category: Ball-skills

Netball One Handed Pass and Catch Ball skills One player always passes the ball straight and the other always passes the ball diagonally. Both player...

Catch Pivot And Pass Relay

category: Footwork

Netball Catch pivot and pass relay Footwork The starting player passes the ball to the player moving towards the ball from the opposite group. The re...

Catching On The Move

category: Ball-skills

Netball Catching on the Move Ball skills Set up 4 cones in a square, 3m apart 3 players start on different corners (leaving the top right corner free...

5 Point Interception

category: Interception

Have two players passing a ball back and forth about 5m apart. Set up 5 cones behind one of the players, in a semicircle behind them, about 2m away...

Around The 3Ft Mark

category: Passing

This helps your players pass around the defender's 3ft mark

Set up a small triangle (gaps of ~2m) of attackers with one defender in the middl...

Web Videos

Netball game: catching skills

Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass like England Wing Attack Tamsin Greenway? Intercept like a Super League star? In this netb...


Mini-games and Warm Up Drills

10 fun games and ideas to improve your warm up - Bring the WOW factor to your next practice and prepare your players, mentally and physically!


Community Drills

Catch & Snatch

Address Catch & Snatch with athletes- Have them repeat x10 chest passes using correct catching tecnique

Timing the move onto the ball (1)

Working in pairs.Feeder starts facing opposite direction, throws ball to self to indicate timing, turning away from the working playerFeeder must thro...

Roller Ball

Rules:You can only pass the ball by rolling along the floor.Players have 3 seconds to pass.No 3 foot marking, players can only look to intercept the p...

Drill 1

Circles are players Rectangular shaped are where players move to catch the ball