Find Your Position

category: Warm-ups

The group is divided into two teams, with each being told which way they are shooting.The aim of the game is for the centre to get the ball to the pla...


category: Shooting

The shooter has 10 shots from under the post while the rebounder has to defend each shot and then collect the rebound. Players should then change role...

Position Learning

category: Warm-ups

Players jog, hop or skip around the outside of the court. When the coach (player X) calls a position all players have to run to that area of the court...

Web Videos

Netball umpire training - scorecard

What does the umpire do with that infernal scorecard at the interval or halftime? Find out in this video in the series of Netball Umpire Training.



Getting Free - find the Space!

Improve how your players find space and get free with this movement session - complete with free Task Cards to accompany the session!

Community Drills

Shadow Defence

In Groups of 3/4Step 1 - Colour CardsAttacker moves passively behind the cones while Defender tries to keep their shoulder along the midline of the at...

Decision Making

No Ball - 3 players in the long medium and short zones feeder must turn around and call out the 3 colour cards as quickly as possible - competing agai...

Footwork Preparation

All players in the circle.Players must constantly move using dodging movementsPlace a card person around the circle, constantly movingPlayers must cal...

Target Passing

1. Players throw the ball up to themselves pivot and throw the ball at the target2. Players use various attack moves/ change of direction to take a pa...