Boxing Out

category: Defence

Netball Boxing Out Defence *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Shooters to take shots at goal and deliberately miss to cause a rebound situation. Initially have t...

Beat The Defender

category: Attack

Netball Beat the defender Attack Set up: A wall, one third space, one ball, 4+ cones, 2 players. 4 cones are set up in a zig ... Boxing Out. View thi...

Ljll- Lean, Jump, Ladder, Late Hand.

category: Defence

Netball LJLL- Lean, Jump, Ladder, Late Hand. Defence *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up in pairs 1 partner (A) has the ball. Partner A faces away from par...


category: Defence

Netball Reaction Defence White player 1 initiates a move towards either ball( on a cone). Red player 1responds and tries to get to the ball before.

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