Two Handed Bounce Pass

category: Passing

Netball Two handed bounce pass Passing Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

Chest To Bounce Pass

category: Passing

Netball Chest to Bounce Pass Passing 2 balls, 2 players face each other. Both players pass the ball straight and at the same time, but one player use...

One Hand Lob Pass

category: Passing

Netball One hand lob pass Passing Put your players into pairs, about 2-3 metres ... Netball Drill Demonstration ... One handed bounce pass Drill Thum...

Web Videos

Netball bounce pass drill

This is a great netball drill for working on bounce pass technique. It's most effective when done in pairs, but can be adjusted for different numbers ...

How to bounce pass

This guide shows you How To Bounce Pass Watch This and Other Related films here: ... ...



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chest pass x 20shoulder pass x 20Bounce pass x 20Surprises x101 handers x202x5 run ons


These are some passes 1. bounce pass2. overhead pass3. chest pass

10 passes to score

need 10 good strong throws to your 3 memebrs in your team, you can use the following: Chest pass, Bounce pass or overhead pass.