4 Corner Drill

category: Getting-free

Netball 4 corner drill Getting free Minimum of 8 players with 2 balls (balls start on diagonally opposite corners). Players 1 and 3 run to their left...

Netball Rounders - Throw Through The Hoop!

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Netball rounders - Throw through the hoop! ... Set up a pitch using cones that is roughly the same size as a netball court (30m x 15m) ... B...


category: Getting-free

Netball Dodging Getting free Split players into 4s inside a coned area. The attackers (white) start with the ball on the outside of the playing area....

Get Away!

category: Getting-free

Netball Get away! Getting free Split your ... sprints to either line. The attacker should use a sudden change of direction and sprint to receive the ...

Web Videos

Netball - ball on wall skills

Hi Im Holly Im 17 and part of the East Regional Academy. I've been out of netball for around 9 months so i've been working on alot of ball on wall, an...



Community Drills

Beat the ball

A player starts outside of the boxed area marked with cones ready to run around the outside while the centre player in the box passes and receives the...