1 Vs 1 Defending In The Circle

category: Defence

The defender must move to the ball side of the player inside the circle. The defender must remain on their toes and keep moving as the two attacking ...

Pop Pass

category: Set-Plays

Netball Pop Pass Set Plays The WA will set up ball side on the side of the circle The C will set up ball side on the top of the circle The GA will se...

Keeping The Attacker Off The Circle Edge

category: Defence

Netball Keeping the Attacker off the Circle Edge Defence Have 2 feeders ... Feeders pass side to side and the defender repositions to the ball side b...

Circle Edge Set-Up

category: Set-Plays

Netball Circle Edge Set-Up Set Plays WD will set up ball side on the circle edge GD will set up away from the WD to give them space and to balance th...

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