2 Lead Drive

category: Passing

minimum of 8 players set up in square grid as shown in picture Ball is passed round the square with players timing their move so that they run onto th...

Ball Handling And Coordination

category: Ball-skills

A Worker and 2 Feeders set up in a triangle about 3m away from each other and each player has a ball.

Worker throws the ball up in the air to...

Bow Tie

category: Passing

Set up cones in a bow tie shape, with 2 cones on the third line, one halfway down the end third and 2 at the end of court, as shown in the diagram....

Circle Edge Drive

category: Getting-free

This drill enables players to begin to link the movement patterns up the court from the centre pass.

2 lines of players beginning in the cen...

Circle Shots

category: Shooting

Shooter sprints out to circle edge and, on return, receives a pass.
Shooter must balance, shoot, rebound then return ball to player 1. She conti...



Community Drills

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When opposition defenders are BOTH out of play. GS blocks one and the one taking penalty shot steps in front of the other and then takes shot. This bl...

Pillar Passing: Pivot

Feeder start with ballW's drive towards F to receive passPivot and pass to opposite FDrive towards that F to recieve passRepeateVariationFeeder 1 thro...