Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Movement

Netball Cones - run/balance/shoot Movement One player, the feeder, starts on the edge of the circle. The other player, the worker (number 1 in the di...

Ball Balance

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Ball Balance Injury Prevention Get into pairs with one ball Stand directly facing each other approximately 1 meter apart Both stand one one l...

One Leg Balance With Partner Push

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball One Leg Balance with Partner Push Injury Prevention Get into pairs One player will be the worker, resisting the pushing, and the other player...

In Pairs Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball In pairs shooting Shooting 2 players 1 ball 1 post. The player at the top of the circle ... Prev Next. Cones - run/balance/shoot Drill Thumbn...

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