Moving Pass

category: Wall-drills

  • Shoulder pass to the wall at a fixed point further down the wall
  • Run to the left to receive the ball as it rebounds off the wall
  • Chest pass ...

  • When To Use Backup

    category: Decision-making

    A game using the full court, 5 attackers, 4 defenders, 1 trailer.

    Split the court in half, 2 attackers, 2 defenders in each half. trailers in...

    Web Videos

    Back to netball

    As part of the Big Summer of Netball, England Netball are encouraging women aged 16+ to come 'Back to Netball.' Back to Netball sessions are running ....

    Netball warm up

    This warm is perfect before training or a game. A warm up is really important so the muscles are less prone to injury such as muscle tear and strain. ...

    Nw back to netball festival 004.avi

    Back to Netballers in the North West getting the feeling and warming up for the first offical England Netball Back to Netball Festival. Back to Netbal...



    Match Fitness

    Back to netball session - designed to get your players' hearts pumping and improve their fitness levels and refresh their netball skills

    Community Drills

    Down the Court and back again.

    Starting with GK the ball is passed down the court and GS has a go at goals. GS rebounds and sends ball back up the court.


    1.GD take baseline2.GK makes small lead to sideline and receives the pass.3. WD receives pass from GK.4. GD after basline line throw in, sprints down ...

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    GK throw in Base Line to WDWD hold WAC make dosge in fromt of opposition then dart backGD Hold GA and be Back up (lob) for 1st pass.GK be a Back UP fo...

    Attack v Defence

    Attacking players line up in 3s on the sideline; 2 are driving attackers, the third a post to whom they can opt to throw as back up. They are looking ...