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Attack Drills

Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), al...


Around The Cone - Meet The Pass

category: Passing

Netball Around the cone - meet the pass Passing Two passers (blue) start with the ball on the outside red cones. Two workers (red) start on the blue ...

Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Movement

The other player, the worker (number 1 in the diagram) runs around one of the cones set out on the edge of the shooting circle, then drives back into...

Weave And Shoot - Relay Race

category: Shooting

Netball Weave and Shoot - Relay Race Shooting Set up two equal lines of ... Each player must weave around the cones, picks up the ball and shoots the...

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Community Drills

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Basketball - dribble around the cones, pass to O2 when O1 gets to cone 2. Go the other wayChange to weaker hands

Autosave 7389100

basketball - dribble around the cones and then back down in a straight line. one O1 has reached cone 2, they will then pass to O2 to repeat...

M RunningM Run

Sprint to and around the cones, jog back to the start and repeat 5 times.Keep low and arms relaxed.

Dribbling - Swapping hands

Two sets of cones one lined up straight one set in a zig zag formation.split team in 2 and line up behind the cones with 2 balls for each line. The pl...